Christmas Open House at our distillery

Dear friends,
We will have our 6th annual Christmas Open House on Saturday and Sunday, December 1 & 2 from 1 – 5 pm.
We want to invite you, our neighbours, friends, and customers to sample our spirits and liqueurs in traditional European Christmas treats from the Engel Family!
This year we expanded our production area and added a new cellar to our tasting room. Jorg can now store and process everything on site. The parking lot has become wider and we created a nice patio where our guests (and us) can sit and enjoy the view overlooking the beautiful Naramata Bench.
Please join us and see what we have created this year!
Our Craft Distillery Tasting Room is open every Saturday and Sunday in December from 1 – 5pm and by appointment.

High ranking on TripAdvisor

Thank you all who have been recommending our Craft Distillery on TripAdvisor! We are now # 18 out of 102 Things to do in Penticton, or  #15 in the category of Food & Drink in Penticton. We appreciate the continuous support we get from our customers and the local community. You make us so happy!

quick and delicious: Peach Dessert by Anette

I created a dessert for our guests: let's call it a #Peach #Tiramisu. All you need is 1 package of lady finger biscuits (400 g), 1 litre heavy whipping cream, 1 large can or jar of sliced peaches, 2 tbl spoons sugar, 3 oz Maple Leaf Spirits Inc Peach liqueur, 3 oz Maple Leaf Spirits Inc Apricot brandy.
Blend the peach juice with the Peach liqueur and 1 oz Apricot brandy.
Whip up the cream, add rest of the Apricot brandy and sugar. In a large flat glass bowl, make one layer of biscuits, dipped in the peach juice.
Spread out half of the cream, add 1 layer of canned peaches. Cover with a second layer of lady finger biscuits dipped in the peach juice. Cover with wax paper, press it slightly and evenly with a weight of about 1 kg and keep it in the fridge over night.
It only took me 15 minutes to make this delicious spirited dessert!

Upcoming events this spring with Maple Leaf Spirits

Our friends in Castlegar have invited us again to the Rotary Wine festival in Castlegar, this year held on Saturday, March 24 from 6.30 – 10 pm.This is the furthest East you can find our products in liquor stores. Find them at Bubblee's Liquor Store after the event!


This is an important date for our customers and friends in the Lower Mainland!
The fifth annual BC Distilled Festival will take place on April 14, 2018 at the Croatian Cultural Center in Vancouver. BC Distilled is British Columbia's premier artisan distillery festival. It is the largest spirits event in Canada reserved exclusively for local distilleries.
Please mark this in your calendars! We look forward to seeing you again!


Exploring Spirits with Master Distiller Jorg Engel. The Okanagan Spring Wine Festivals are happening May 4 – May 13, 2018. Please join us, visit our beautiful Naramata Bench with its many wineries, and 2 distilleries. This is a beautiful time here, with warm sunshine and blossoms everywhere. Our tasting room will be open daily for you.

Experience a private tasting of award winning spirits with pioneer Master Distiller Jorg Engel. Take in the picturesque view while enjoying 5 samples of European style fruit spirits, wine brandy and liqueur, paired with small appetizers. This event is only open to 10 lucky ticket holders per day! We offer a private tasting on Friday May 4, Thursday May 10 and Friday May 11. Tickets available by phone 250-493-0180, or email


The next Meadowlark Festival takes place May 17 to 21, 2018. Join prominent artists, painters, biologists, ecologists, geologists, native speakers, writers, photographers for engaging and entertaining guided tours. 
We at Maple Leaf Spirits are excited to host for the third time the workshop "En Plain Air painting" with Loraine Stephanson (MFA Painting and Art History) on Sunday, May 20.
2018 Festival tickets go on sale starting Saturday April 14th.

We just won multiple medals at the Sip Northwest Spirits Competition

Penticton’s Maple Leaf Spirits scores multiple medals in international competition
Naramata Bench distiller wins two double-golds, gold, silver awards

Penticton, BC: Maple Leaf Spirits, located on the Naramata Bench near Penticton, is a multiple medal winner at the prestigious Sip Northwest competition based in Washington state.

“I am thrilled that four of our products, made right here on the bench with Okanagan ingredients, have been recognized among a wide variety of international spirits,” says master distiller Jorg Engel. “To win two double-golds is really amazing.”

A double-gold winner, Pear Williams, is a fruit brandy made with Bartlett pears. An “eau-de-vie” style spirit it has a clean, aromatic fruit flavour that respects the essence of the local pears used in the distilling process. It is reminiscent of the Williams pear, considered one of the most precious European fruits.

The other double-gold winner is one of Canada’s first cognac-style spirits: Lady of the Cask. Hand-crafted in small batches, it is made with grapes and aged for six years in premium French barrels giving it a rich butterscotch aroma, a golden amber colour, and exceptionally smooth taste.

“When visitors come to the tasting room and try the Lady of the Cask, they are so impressed with this brandy,” says Anette Engel, Jorg’s wife and business partner. “It is wonderful to see people from our locals to people coming here for the first time discover the quality of brandies and liqueurs made in the Okanagan.”

A popular bottle, the Maple Liqueur is a combination of Kirsch, a cherry-based spirit, and real Canadian maple syrup. A gold medal winner at Sip Northwest, it is great with fresh fruit, on ice or as special treat in “Canadian Coffee”. It can also surprise Thanksgiving dinner guests enhancing dessert, says Anette.

A silver medal was awarded to Cherry Liqueur, made with South Okanagan cherries, and great with ice cream or chocolate.

Maple Leaf Spirits uses a traditional German copper potstill for its products, sticking to European traditions. Jorg and Anette moved to Canada from Germany in 2001 and are proud to bring their award-winning skills to the growing spirits culture in British Columbia.


Pioneers in craft distilling in Penticton, BC since 2005, Jorg and Anette Engel are proud to offer award winning spirits and liqueurs handcrafted from Okanagan grown fruit, grapes and wine. Maple Leaf Spirits distills fine spirits from wine and lees following the European tradition of making grappa, tresterbrand and marc. Their fruit liqueurs celebrate fresh sun ripened Okanagan fruit, and are great as a lovely sweet treat or to enhance your dessert or cocktail. Visit the tasting room on the Naramata Bench at 948 Naramata Road.

For further information about Maple Leaf Spirits, contact:
Anette Engel, 250-493-0180 |

Thank you to Allison Markin, All She Wrote Consulting, for writing this media release!

Fall Wine Festival September 29 – October 8: Awakening Spirits at our distillery

For the Okanagan Fall Wine Festival 2017 we offer daily special treats at our tasting room overlooking the beautiful Naramata Bench.
Pioneers in Craft Distilling in Penticton since 2005, we offer award winning spirits, fruit brandies and liqueurs all handcrafted from Okanagan fruit, grapes and wine. Enjoy daily special treats inspired by European traditions and try new recipes.

New Peach-liqueur is available

We are so excited to have the Peach liqueur again for sale!


Join us in our tasting room, sample it and you will find a truly beautiful peach flavour, in Peach City Penticton, released for the 70th Peach festival.
It is delicious as is, on the rocks, in Martinis or Bellinis, on ice cream etc., like our Cherry Liqueur and Maple Liqueur. 

Our friend Alex suggests this cocktail recipe for a warm summer evening:

1 1/2 oz Peach Liqueur,
1 1/2 oz Vodka,
1 juice of 1/2 lemon,
1/3 oz simple syrup.
decorate it with a slice of peach or a mint leaf.


some recipe ideas to play with

As our valued customer in our tasting room, you may have received a copy of our recipes that we have developed in our own home. These are not created by professional bartenders, keeping them simple and traditional.

We encourage our customers to try these recipes and to get even more creative with our fruit brandies, liqueurs or the Lady of the Cask. Please contact us at and I will email you the list of recipes in a word document.

If you want to add your favourite recipe to this list, please share it with us!

Maple Leaf Spirits — Recipes 2017 

Maple Mimosa

½ oz Maple Liqueur, 1 oz peach puree, fill up with sparkling wine and decorate with a slice of orange.


Cherry Berry Cocktail

1 oz Cherry Liqueur, 1 oz Kirsch (cherry spirit), 2 oz cranberry juice, sour cherries to decorate


Golden Maple Cocktail

1 oz Maple Liqueur, 1 oz Kirsch  (cherry spirit), 2 oz apple juice (bag-in-a-box), A splash of lemon juice,
Decorate with a slice of apple soaked in Maple Liqueur


Sparkling Maple Apple Cocktaildevelped by the National Slow Food Meeting 2013 in Osoyoos

1oz Maple Leaf Maple Liqueur
2oz Rustic Roots Iced Orin Apple Wine
2oz Harker's Organics Apple Cider
Splash of San Pellegrino
Slice apples and soak in Maple Liqueur, use as garnish.


Canadian Kir Royal

Blend 1 oz of Cherry or Maple Liqueur with cold, dry sparkling wine (or Prosecco), serve as aperitif in a flute glass, garnish with a spirited cherry or Maraschino cherry.


Grilled Pineapple

cut a slice of not so ripe pineapple, soak it in pear liqueur for a couple of hours. BBQ the pineapple slice and serve it with ice cream.


Cheese Fondue

200 g Emmental cheese, 200g Gruyere cheese, 2 oz dry white wine, 2 oz Kirsch (cherry spirit).
Melt the cheese, add white wine, some garlic and the Kirsch. Serve with fresh baguette and dip fresh baguette slices in the cheese. Enjoy with a glass of Kirsch on the side!


Kaffee Kirsch

Add 1 oz of Kirsch in your coffee (or hot chocolate) for a warm drink after a cold day.


Canadian Coffee or Canadian Tea

Add 1 oz of Maple Liqueur to your coffee or tea for a warm drink after playing in the snow.
Enjoy as alternative to Blueberry Tea