Hand sanitizer at our distillery

We have decided that our tasting room will be open for bottel sales only, until further notice, due to the uncertainty in the coming weeks/months surrounding the Covid-19 virus,.

You can still buy bottles of our spirits and liqueurs here, or order online through our website
or call us at 250-493-0180.

We are here and appreciate your support!

Maple Leaf Spirits – Craft distilled Hand Sanitizer

Please use it for hand sanitizing only!
It is not for consumption!

The formula is created according to the WHO.

Ethanol 80% (V/V)
Glycerin 1.45 % (V/V)
Hydrogen Peroxide 0.125% (V/V) –

The Ethanol has been distilled at our Craft Distillery, blended on March 25, 2020
for helping you to protect yourself during this Covid 19 crisis.
Use it to clean your hands when you don’t have access to soap and water!
Apply to your hands and rub until dry, about 1 minute.
Use externally only!

Thank you for supporting us as a small business owner!

Our thoughts are with our entire community as we all work through this unprecedented challenge.



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