Grape Spirits



The Italians and the Swiss call it "Grappa", the French call it "Marc", the Greek "Zivania" and the Germans named it "Tresterbrand".

No matter what you call it, it's simply a delicious distillate made from the skins and pits of grapes remaining after the wineries have extracted juice for their wines. A classy digestif or enjoyed with a cup of espresso coffee.


Skinny Pinot Noir – sorry, it is currently sold out

Pear Williams spirit $35.99 plus taxes – 375 ml bottle

Like the very best from Italy, we distill juicy, fresh pomace of Pinot Noir from local wineries. We don't stretch the pomace. Only pure, soft-pressed pomace is distilled to capture the concentrated aroma and smooth finish that characterize famous grappas. This skinny is fantastic after a heavy meal with a shot of freshly brewed espresso as "Cafe Coretto".

"Spirit of the Year" 2008 Destillata, Austria


Skinny Gewürztraminer

Pear Williams spirit $35.99 plus taxes – 375 ml bottle

The Okanagan is internationally recognized as an ideal terroir to produce outstanding wines. Sandy soil and hot summer days develop the full floral aroma in the grapes. We carefully tender and nurture the pomace of Gewurztraminer grapes to capture a delicious array of fragrances from this highly aromatic variety with hints of lychee, pineapple and tea roses.

"Silver Award" 2008 Destillata, Austria


Aged Skinny Syrah

Pear Williams spirit $35.99 plus taxes – 375 ml bottle

This artisan spirit is aged in oak barrels, giving it a rich golden hue and a flavour reminiscent of scotch and whisky. Serve it as classy digestif in a cognac glass or scotch glass after dinner with your guests and enjoy the evening!