some recipe ideas to play with

As our valued customer in our tasting room, you may have received a copy of our recipes that we have developed in our own home. These are not created by professional bartenders, keeping them simple and traditional.

We encourage our customers to try these recipes and to get even more creative with our fruit brandies, liqueurs or the Lady of the Cask. Please contact us at and I will email you the list of recipes in a word document.

If you want to add your favourite recipe to this list, please share it with us!

Maple Leaf Spirits — Recipes 2017 

Maple Mimosa

½ oz Maple Liqueur, 1 oz peach puree, fill up with sparkling wine and decorate with a slice of orange.


Cherry Berry Cocktail

1 oz Cherry Liqueur, 1 oz Kirsch (cherry spirit), 2 oz cranberry juice, sour cherries to decorate


Golden Maple Cocktail

1 oz Maple Liqueur, 1 oz Kirsch  (cherry spirit), 2 oz apple juice (bag-in-a-box), A splash of lemon juice,
Decorate with a slice of apple soaked in Maple Liqueur


Sparkling Maple Apple Cocktaildevelped by the National Slow Food Meeting 2013 in Osoyoos

1oz Maple Leaf Maple Liqueur
2oz Rustic Roots Iced Orin Apple Wine
2oz Harker's Organics Apple Cider
Splash of San Pellegrino
Slice apples and soak in Maple Liqueur, use as garnish.


Canadian Kir Royal

Blend 1 oz of Cherry or Maple Liqueur with cold, dry sparkling wine (or Prosecco), serve as aperitif in a flute glass, garnish with a spirited cherry or Maraschino cherry.


Grilled Pineapple

cut a slice of not so ripe pineapple, soak it in pear liqueur for a couple of hours. BBQ the pineapple slice and serve it with ice cream.


Cheese Fondue

200 g Emmental cheese, 200g Gruyere cheese, 2 oz dry white wine, 2 oz Kirsch (cherry spirit).
Melt the cheese, add white wine, some garlic and the Kirsch. Serve with fresh baguette and dip fresh baguette slices in the cheese. Enjoy with a glass of Kirsch on the side!


Kaffee Kirsch

Add 1 oz of Kirsch in your coffee (or hot chocolate) for a warm drink after a cold day.


Canadian Coffee or Canadian Tea

Add 1 oz of Maple Liqueur to your coffee or tea for a warm drink after playing in the snow.
Enjoy as alternative to Blueberry Tea


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